The Precipice

I dreamt of

Bridges burning

Beneath new moons

Veiled in the


Of an ambivalent desert

Far from

The shelter of

Falling rain drops

And Mercy

It is here

I first experienced

True loss

It is here

I first learned

Pain has an echo

That can go

Unheard for miles

My mirages

Were just as lonely

As I am

So we played

In the ashes

And the sand

Until I didn’t

Know the ground

From my

Cremated innocence

My destiny

And my illusion

Vied for my attention

Like the nght sky

Torn asunder

By the inevitable

Intrusion of dawn

I balanced on

This precipice

Until I saw no difference

Between light and dark

And it was here

That I was I born.





2 thoughts on “The Precipice

    • i was describing how pain, even when undetected by the conscious minds of others, still reverberates in it’s own way and affects whats going on around u.

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